Guide for teardown

here we’re playing the brand new game
called tear down that came out today
these are going to be some tips and
tricks of what i’ve learned over the
24 hours of playing the game the devs
were nice enough to give me a
copy of the game so big shout out to
those guys absolutely amazing this is
probably one of the most fun games i’ve
played in a long time
so these are just going to be some tips
and tricks i’m going to run through the
weapons how to upgrade weapons
how to do the challenges and how to get
into the sandbox mode
so when you start this game you’re going
to appear in this big open area it’s
going to be a warehouse with some
vehicles you can
have fun there drive around destroy
things or you can go over to the
computer terminal
now the computer terminal is going to
have your missions it’s going to have
the campaign it’s gonna have your
upgrades so when you’re playing the game
and you’re going around looking for
things make sure you smash open addicts
look under staircases just looking hard
to reach spots
because there’s stuff around the map
that gives you money and the money
upgrades your weapons
one of the first weapons that you get in
the game is a sledgehammer the
sledgehammer can punch through
windows it can punch through ward it
sucks against metal and brick
the next gun you get is probably going
to be the shotgun now as soon as you can
try to upgrade the shotgun because this
thing can punch through every kind of
material in the game
followed by the explosives and then
obviously you can get in vehicles
so the shotgun you want to upgrade that
as fast you can as it’s pretty handy
now later on in the game it gets much
harder in the challenge mode
sometimes you have to do five or six
objectives in 60 seconds and get out
so the paint comes in clutch so spray
is your man you want to be american the
floor put little circles draw whatever
you want
i was actually drawing naughty things in
the wall when i first got it but it’s
more useful than that and it comes in
clutch when you need it this clip that
i’m showing right here like
i marked exactly where i was going to go
and sometimes it can get confusing
but if you mark yourself a clear route
you’re not going to get lost
later on in the game you’re going to get
planks of wood as an upgrade now these
things are very useful for sticking

items to your vehicle and driving away
like i’m doing in this clip i’ve got a
safe on each side these were alarmed
safe so i had to go off and do my other
and then on the way back i had these
boat stuck to the vehicle and i ripped
them out of the wall
off the extraction point happy days
bob’s your uncle
and you can also stick other things like
vehicles and make makeshift walkways as
well with these
all the vehicles in the game are
controlled with wasd
and some have special features like you
can move the crane arm up and the crane
arm down
by using the left and the right mouse
button and also this one has a special
feature if you hit the space bar
whenever the hook is touching something
it will grab onto it now that’s pretty
handy it’s also kind of a hinder and
sometimes you just tilt over and
if the item’s too awkward or heavy
you’ll still tilt over
phony regardless but make sure if the
arm breaks
to hit space again because it will still
be stuck to it and it’ll be just an
unnecessary way
now in the sandbox mode you can do
whatever you want you can destroy things
you can you’ve got unlimited ammo it’s
but when you’re playing in the story
mode in the challenge mode
if there’s any fire whatever reason
there’s too much fire a fire alarm goes
off then
it’s mission failed because the
helicopter comes and then the countdown
so whenever you’re playing in challenge
mode try not to make any fires
always put them out as soon as you see
them if you want to find the banana man
thing in your base it’s kind of like an
easter egg i’d say and
it’s actually really well hidden so if
you go on top of your base
and you smash the chimney open with your
shotgun or rockets or whatever
just jump down and follow the tunnel and
you should see yourself a little banana
guy which is uh
it’s pretty dope and pretty random
that’s all i can think of at the moment
if you guys have any more just leave
them down in the comment section and
i’ll stick a heart on each one if i see
any new ones and i’ll catch you guys

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