Things I Wish I Knew Earlier In Code Vein (Tips & Tricks)

code vein

so despite the mixed reviews I’ve been
absolutely loving code Vein for these
last few days and as you can probably
tell by the amount of uploads after
playing for countless hours it’s finally
time for things I wish I knew earlier in
code Vein so let’s jump straight into it
now the first thing well it may not be
the most important or game-changing it’s
one of the things that as soon as I
realized it it went on the list
immediately and it is the fact that you
can deactivate the cinematic effect on
the drain attacks I know I know they
look amazin and they are spectacular
first few times she do them but after
playing for quite a few hours it gets
tedious to a point where I wasn’t doing
trained attacks just because I didn’t
want to watch the animation again and
again very late at night but I finally
clicked and thought okay that’s gotta
mean option to deactivate this and turns
out there is if you go into the options
menu go into game settings you can
deactivate the cinematic effect on Jayne
attacks now that we’re on the topic of
drain attacks there’s actually a pretty
cool combat feature that doesn’t really
get mentioned I’m sure it’s in the
tutorials somewhere maybe at the start
of the game and I’m referring to the
fact that there’s another type of drain
attack that isn’t the backstab or parry
and we are talking about the r1x
drain attack and on xbox I assumed would
be our B and a and we can’t just do this
right off the bat though we have to do a
light attack and then follow it up with
the R 1 and X combo and this actually
also counts as a drain attack to recover
some Iker obviously we get less Iker
this way than we would with a backstab
or a parry because it requires less
position and skill to perform but it can
be executed very easily in combat and in
fact it’s actually a really useful thing
to use in combat as it can often knock
back enemies as well something else that
doesn’t really get explained in the game
that’s only going to really affect a
certain type of players as I’m sure many
of you such as myself like exploring
everything in these sort of games
absolutely love the exploration aspects
of souls likes in general or just RPGs
really of making sure I’m picking up
everything I don’t want to miss out on
anything and the problem with this is
that you usually become very powerful
very early game not necessarily because
of the items you’re picking up but more
to do with the fact that while you’re
exploring you’re gonna kill every enemy
in the game probably even multiple times
if you accidently die so you’re gonna
find yourself excessively overleveled
for early game and the problem with this
is that will end up in areas where we’re
killin enemies that are a lot lower
level than us and while killing enemies
a lot lower level than us it actually
excessively slows down the rate of which
we master the new gifts and by this I
mean maxing out of the gifts so that
we’re able to use that gift on other
blood codes apart from the one it Herot
from naturally
which usually if we’re just playing
through the game you’ll realize we learn
them excessively quickly because we’re
always kill enemies the same level or
high levels in us however if you ever
try and go back and kill enemies a lot
weaker than yourself they take a long
time to max out what’s really in
late-game isn’t gonna be so much of an
issue because you have so much materials
on Hayes that you can just afford to do
this artificially by paying instead of
naturally trying to unlock them so it’s
definitely something you should take
into account early game especially and
I’m sure very soon I’ll be getting a
video out of the best gifts you should
definitely unlock as some of them are
absolutely the game change in how that’s
a quick overview just make sure that
you’re repairing all of the vestiges you
pick up as soon as you possibly can I
know for now it can be a pain because
the loading screen to go back to the
home base is excessively longer and it
really makes you not ever want to go
back there but this is really worth it
specifically the mercury blood code has
so many good abilities to that’s
verification which counts is like a
homeward bone which allows you to go
back to the previous missile without
losing out on any of your haze which of
course there are items that do the same
but heaven this an ability form is
really really useful we have things to
prevent and to heal venom and slow that
there’s so many good abilities in this
but the ones I would definitely focus on
first are the passive sectors to get
more strength more dexterity mastery
with specific weapons whichever weapon
you’re using definitely learn and max
these ones out first as the passives are
good all across the board usually and
there’s truly so many really really good
gifts that I’m trying my hardest not to
make the entire video about this topic
so we’ll save that for another day and
let’s move on now this may not be very
useful to most people but if you’re so
spawn fan there’s one thing that you may
have been missing which are the gestures
where are the gestures because if we go
into the menu here we can select you
edit the gestures and select which
gestures we want to do with which voice
and which a note however as far as I can
remember the game never explained how to
actually perform these gestures and even
if you’re not playing multiplayer I just
love using gestures where’s to get
screenshots or just look at the nice
environments I’m one of those people and
the way to use these it’s really not
that intuitive not something you just
naturally do while playing the game what
we have to do is click l3 twice or on
Xbox I would assume just the left analog
stick click it down twice and this will
allow you to access the gestures menu
where we can select which one we want to
use and the way I figure this out is
something I don’t regularly do in most
games but on this one it’s actually
really useful as well and I’m referring
to checking out the hints menu
so if we gone to the menu here we can
check out some hints and well most of
them of course are gonna be things that
are really obvious like the house bar
the stamina bar gifts etc etc which you
probably naturally caught on to

there’s definitely some things in here
such as the gestures thing that I’ve
learnt a thing or two from especially
when it comes to the stats as stuff like
strength you’d assume it just increases
physical damage especially with heavy
weapons however the strengths that also
affects your health bar then we have
dexterity which because affects physical
attacks with more dexterity based
weapons but it also affects the drain
rating then we have mind which affects
stamina drain speed and light gifts we
have willpower that affects elemental
resistances and dark gifts them have
vitality which also affects health
points and physical damage reduction
then fortitude also again affects
stamina and elementary resistance so we
can see that different stats sometime
affect the same sort of category and
again if you just starting out you’re
probably not too fast in this as you
just level up everything at once and you
just kind of put any equipment on with
any weapon that you like when you get to
late-game and you’re trying to make
specific builds or maybe on your new
playthroughs and you really want to make
builds that have really personalized you
need to start taking into account what
each and every stat thus now before I
mention this next one I’ve seen the
reviews and I know everyone hates the
fact that people keep compared to Dark
Souls but at the end of the day gotta
look out for my fellow service pawn
players as well and that is that in the
service board game if for example you
infuse a weapon with lightning let’s say
that’s it that weapon is infused with
lightning and you’re gonna be doing
lightning damage and then if you decide
to infuse it with fire you’re gonna be
doing fire damage instead so it’s easy
to overlook the fact that in code Vein
we can infuse with multiple elements at
once we can use the gift to infuse the
weapon with fire and lightning at the
same time and well visually it may look
like one overrides the other we can
easily confirm it by the amount of
damage we do that it actually has both
elements on at the same time and for
damage output if you’re trying to do
some insane builds this can be really
really useful against certain enemies
and in case you wonder and this also
works on weapons that you’ve transformed
back at the base into for example
lightning weapons through upgrades you
can also then afterwards infuse them
with fire and I’ve been using lightning
fire but obviously this counts for stuff
like venom as well another question many
people have which I’m sure is already
answered all over the Internet and most
likely in the game as well is the fact
that when you play multiplayer co-op
with someone if you are the guest you
automatically get
down to the same level as the host of
the game as well as obviously your
healing items get decreased as well like
I mentioned before now because I
explored throughout the every area in
depth I never really had any reason to
come back to areas later on after to
refinish them but in code vein you
definitely want to return every now and
then to the previous areas as often new
NPC characters will show up in these
completed areas most of them offering
you side quests and while we’re not
going to go into which side quests give
you which rewards right now there’s one
a specific one I would definitely like
to point out which is the one that
appears back at the first boss arena
where we fought all over Collins just
after the tutorial that’s because this
NPC actually sells as valuable items
which we can use to gain exchange and
trade points with our companions back at
the base if we want any of their weapons
or items but the problem is at the start
his selection of items aren’t really too
spectacular most of them are pretty
trashy and don’t give us many trade
points with any of the companions but
something I realized thanks to one of
the comments on our on Ebates video is
that somebody mentioned that when you
finish his side quest which literally
takes you less than a minute he gives
you a map you have to go down into one
of the depth and get the certain item
come back after completing that side
quest to actually sell some more and
pretty useful valuable items such as the
sake which you can give to yakumo for
five trade points each which really
speed things up if you’re trying to get
the on ebay no now this next thing I
already mentioned on a whole separate
video and I’m sure most of you know this
but remember you can play the game solo
without any NPC companion if you wish to
by simply going back in the home base
talking to whichever companion you have
at that kind of time and just ask him to
start following you and that way you can
play the game completely solo with no
companion no co-op help and to be honest
it really makes the game a lot more
very soon and we’ll see you next time

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