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There are four ways to craft items in this game:

  • Basic crafts from your TAB menu.
  • Crafting from a workbench or forge.
  • Placing structures using the hammer.
  • Processed items from smelter, charcoal kiln, cooking station.

How to unlock new recipes:

To unlock different recipes or structures you have to get at least one of the necessary items to make the craft. For example, if you want to get the recipe to craft a flint axe you need to find flint and wood first.

Sailing basics

There are at least three ships in the game:
– Raft: Small slow basic boat.

– Karve: Larger and faster that raft. You can unlock it when you gather Fine Wood from birchs

– Longship: I’ve no info yet.

The raft is the boat you are going to be using until you unlock the Karve.

You use W to increase speed and S to decrease speed in the rudder indicator.
You use A or D to turn the rudder left or right.

There are two indicators in our UI which will help us to sail.

1. Rudder indicator:

  • Shows rudder direction. You can turn left or right 90º.
  • Shows your speed indicator.

2. Wind indicator:

  • Shows wind direction and if the wind is moving your ship. If the wind icon is white and is hitting the gold part of the circle the ship is getting enough wind to move. Gray wind and hitting the black part of the circle your ship will be not able to move using the sail.
  • Shows your speed indicator.

Speed indicator info:
1. Small arrows in the wheel icon:

  • One arrow up: Rowing speed forward.
  • Two arrow up: Low sail speed.
  • Three arrow up: Full sail speed.
  • One arrow down: Rowing speed backward.

2. Icon above the wind circle:

  • Oar: Rowing speed.
  • Raised sail: Low sail speed.
  • Lowered sail: Full sail speed.

If you fall out of your boat you can jump in again looking for the ladder in the back of the raft or in the left side of the Karve.


List of different bosses in the game, where you can find them and which items you need to summon it:


NameBiomeSummon itemsDrop
EikthyrMeadowDeer Trophies x2Hard Antler and Eikthyr trophy
The ElderBlack ForestAncient Seed x8Swamp Key and Elder trophy
BonemassSwampWhitered bone x10Wishbone and Bonemass trophy
Update info:
There are more bosses in the game but I didn’t fight or find them yet. I will update this section when I find more information.

Surtling Core and how to get them.

What is a Surtling Core?

Surtling core are very important in early game as they allow you to craft the Smelter and the Charcoal kiln which allows you to melt ores and craft cooper, iron and other better weapons and tools.

You need 10 Surtling core. 5 to craft the Smelter and 5 to craft the Charcoal kiln. I recommend to craft the Smelter first as you can get some coal from cooking station burning food.

Where I can get Surtling Core?

You can find this item in:
– Random chest: This has very low drop since I didn’t find any in a chest yet.
– Inside dungeons. Aroung 0-9 In just one dungeon. There are some dungeons which are empty and there are large dungeons with a lot of them.
– Surtling mob drop: Fire mobs which drop it.

Breaking the Smelter or the Charcoal kiln:

If you break one of those building you will get your 5 Surtling Core back, so don’t worry about it.

Swamp key and Sunken Crypts

You can get a Swamp key after defeat The Elder boss. This key allow you to open a Sunken Crypts that you can find in the swamp biomes.

You can use the Swam Key to unlock one of these crypts.

Inside the crypts you will have to break some Muddy scrap pile to be able to keep going and exploring the crypt, these pile will give you iron an other items.

To break a Muddy scrap pile you need a pickaxe.

Inside the crypt you also will find some chest with items and strong enemies so be ready to fight.

How to add markers on the map

You can add 5 different markers in your map. This markers are local so if you are playing with some friends they won’t be able to see them.

To select one marker you have to left click on it, you can find the markers on the bottom right corner of the map.

To place a new marker double left click on the map, write the name of the marker and press enter.
To remove a marker right click on it.


You can find a traveler merchant in the Black Forest. The spawn location is random but when you are close you will be able to see a bag icon in your map.

You can buy and sell some items to this merchant.

Fishing rod350 coins.
BaitComing soon.

Cooking and potions

There are three main crafting items you can use to cook and make potions:

Cooking station:

  • Needs a fire under it.
  • You can place two in the same campfire.
  • You can cook two pieces of meat, fish and tail in each cooking station.
  • You can craft it using Wood x2

Keep in mind if you don’t take the food when it’s ready it will burnt out and you will get coal.


  • Needs a fire under it.
  • You can place one cauldron in a campfire.
  • You can cook: Carrout soup, queens jam, sausages and mead base to make potions.


  • Needs empty space over it.
  • You can use mead base obtained from the cauldron to get different potions:
    • Frost resistance.
    • Medium healing.
    • Minor healing
    • Poison resistance
    • Minor stamina
    • Tasty
  • To use the fermenter put inside it the base and just wait until is fermented.


To be able to fishing you need a fishing rod and fishing bait that you can buy in a merchant.

How to fish:

  1. Equip your fishing rod and get some bait in your inventory.
  2. Look for fishes in the sea, lake or similar. Don’t randomly throw your hook in to the sea.
  3. Left click using the fishing rod. Longer you hold left click further away the hook will go. You will spend one bait every left click.
  4. Wait until a fish hit your hook, when the hook goes down press right click and hold it until the fish is close enough to be able to pick it pressing E.


You can tame some animals in the game this allow you to make a little “farm” and multiplicate them to get more food.

Material needed:

  • Hoe
  • Wood (30 should be enough)
  • Vegetables (berries, shrooms etc. preferable 20+)


  1. Use the Hoe in order to make a plane space for your pen.
  2. Build a pen with Roundpole Fences. It doesnt need to look fancy, but it should not contain holes.
  3. Add a door to your Pen in order to enter and leave it.
  4. Drop the Vegetables inside the Pen.
  5. (The difficult path) Find some wild boars and make them attack you (getting close enough is usually enough). Now run to your pen and make sure they follow you.
  6. Once they are in, make sure to get out and close the door without them leaving.
  7. Wait, it will take like one hour to tame them, but you can do other stuff in between.
  8. Once they are tamed, you can pet them in order to keep them happy. for further feeding just drop food on the ground.
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Dyson Sphere Tips And Tricks Thu, 18 Feb 2021 19:04:35 +0000 Getting Started

Getting StartedWhen you load into the game and generate a Star Cluster you will sit through a short but mostly automated intro sequence (a spacecraft flying to the starting planet). At some point in this you can use WASD to move the craft around which can be useful for landing in a better spot on the world.

Once you touchdown you may notice some objects on the map, red crystal nodes are Copper Ore, bluish nodes are Iron Ore, plants are harvest-able nodes that offer fuel for your mecha (the player character) and other nodes like stone, coal, and oil also exist in the world.

You will be able to move around with WASD, follow the tutorial to learn about the interface and menus.

You can Right click to move your character around as well as designating nodes for harvesting. Shift can be used in combination with right click to queue up multiple tasks, this does have a limit to the number of tasks you can add but don’t expect to reach it.

Also you can delete items from your inventory by selecting them from your inventory screen and then pressing your Delete key. This is irreversible. Useful for removing pesky water from your inventory.


Once you have some buildings in your inventory, you may build them by finding them in their hotbar category and then selecting the specific building from that category. You must have the item in your inventory to be able to place one (no static holograms like Factorio (yet)). You can SHIFT click an existing structure to clone it to your hand but will still need the items to place it.

Once you have a building selected you will see a hologram of it in the world following your cursor, energy buildings like Wind Turbines will have a circle around them representing the area they will provide energy within, this can overlap with-out issue, but Wind Turbines cannot be placed too closely to one another (an exclusion radius of about 9 tiles), this may apply to other buildings but I have not seen it yet.

Some buildings can be stacked vertically on top of one another, this will save space and usually acts as a linear addition to the base building (EX. stacking storage doubles the effective storage and shares the same input/output slots at the base)


Input / Output slots: Most buildings have these slots around their base that represent where a Sorter may be used to connect to a belt or other building, only one connection may be used per slot up to the number of slots around the building.
These can be tricky to understand initially, so here’s the basic idea; an input involves clicking the provider (usually a Conveyor) and then clicking on the building you want to put into, the conveyor must be directly neighboring or 1 space away in a cardinal direction (no diagonals).
Making an Output is the exact same thing, click on the provider (usually a machine) and the on the target (usually a conveyor). It is worth noting that the sorters do require power to run and therefore must be within a power field.
NOTE: For some odd reason the corners of storage containers will make you reach out 2 tiles instead of being able to only go 1 tile out… this may be a bug.

Logistics tiers

16 items/second1.5 items/second per tile distance
212 items/second3 items/second per tile distance
3probably 24 items/second6 items/second per tile distance

4-way Splitters can be used to evenly split or combine 1 line into 3 or 3 into 1, and sport an editable priority setting that can be used to make an overflow gate in your system, you can also set a filter on the priority output if you have mixed lines. I have heard that they can also be used to move resources vertically when stacked though I have yet to reproduce this.

Fluid Logistics

You got some liquids you need to move around? Wonderful, because in the world of DSP liquids are gelatinous. Yes you heard that right, Water, Oil, and other fluids can be moved as Jell-O cubes on your conveyors and sorters. (They also have shaders applied to them that may impact your framerate if you have too many visible)

You will often be running a Conveyor directly out or into certain buildings when using fluids, but in most instances you will use them in exactly the same way you might use other items like ores.

Powering your Mecha

As you may have noticed by now you have a limited power supply for your character.

This power bar will drain as you move, craft, or otherwise do things, but it will also slowly recharge over time when you are inactive. This passive recharging however is far too slow to rely on, thus we can can feed our mecha basically any combustible object.
This includes Plant Fuel (leaves), Logs, Coal, Hydrogen Fuel Rods and anything else with an “Energy” stat. To do this you open your Mecha Panel (hotkey is ‘C’) and drag or shift-click applicable fuel items into the Fuel Chamber slot. Then over a period of time your Mecha will consume these items converting them into Core Energy. If your core energy maxes out then fret not as your Mecha will stop burning fuel until it is needed again.

Basic Automation

To get your automation started you will need to achieve a few steps

  1. Get Power
  2. Harvest Iron and Copper
  3. Refine Ores

You also will need to get some Tech, these are the most important techs to get ASAP

  • Basic Logistic Systems (topmost Tech)
  • Automatic Metallurgy (Second tech from top)
  • Basic Assembling processes (4th tech down)

These can be researched in any order with materials produced in your inventory

1. Getting Power

To power your base you will need energy, your first source of energy is Wind Power.

The in-game tutorial should give you one Turbine to start, but you will rapidly need more of them as their output is very low, this is not the end of the world however as buildings can run (at reduced effectiveness) with less power than they demand. Wind Turbines may also be less effective on certain planets depending on their “Wind Energy Ratio”.

Be sure to place your Wind Turbine near your miner(s) so you wont need a Tesla Tower (powerline) to move the power too far for now at least this does not interfere with the amount of power produced.

You will eventually need Tesla Towers to move power around, unlike Wind Turbines these can be place nearly anywhere and have a larger supply area and connection length making them ideal for powering your factory.

2. Harvesting resources

To automate Iron or Copper you will need to place a Mining Machine facing a few nodes of the desired material and power to run it.

You can set up your miners however you like, but I generally try to make them cover as many nodes as possible so that I wont have to deal with cleanup as the nodes run dry. A node can be used by multiple Miners if you need to overlap their zones, this will use up the node faster however.

You can use SHIFT to unlock the grid and rotation snapping of Mining Machines so you can position exactly how you want to.

Once you have your miner in place and powered you can click on it with a conveyor selected to build its output, there is no sorter when pulling out of a Mining Machine.

3. Refining

Once you have your ore being mined you can load it into a Smelter to cook it into Ingots or Magnets.

You will need to use Sorters to transfer items into and out of the Smelters.

Here is an example of a basic Iron Ore to Ingot AND Magnet factory.

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Code Vein – Essential Starter Guide – Stats & Leveling Explained Sat, 30 Jan 2021 12:43:14 +0000

what is happening gaiz cowboy here and
welcome to my starter guide for code
vein now in this guide we’re gonna cover
a lot of topics ranging from stat
scaling to various weapon move sets and
controls but the basic gist is that by
the time you’re done watching you should
have all the information you need to go
into this game and enjoy yourself
without being confused now there will be
some minor spoilers in the guide as
we’re gonna be scrolling through items
and armors and blood codes so you may
see some names that are you could

consider spoilers but we’re not gonna
actually be showing any spoiler type
content we won’t be showing off any
late-game weapons we won’t be showing
you any late-game areas so just to
alleviate concerns there

but anyway jumping on into it the first
and foremost thing we’re going to talk
about is leveling and building a class
code vein because this is the number one
thing I see people asking about now when
it comes to leveling up in Kota baya

you’re only leveling up your base stats
when you level as you can see here my
health goes up stamina goes up the
amount of damage I’m doing it for my
weapons increases and then my light and
dark gifts will also increase but
nothing else is going to change defenses
resistances stats scaling none of that
is impacted by leveling up now as for
your actual stats and how those are
determined it is entirely determined by
your blood code your blood code is
essentially your class and code vein but
you’re able to dynamically change on the
fly and your stats will automatically
reallocate when you do and to elaborate
on this if I played the first hundred
levels of the game as a fighter all’s I
did was play this fighter I wanted to
beat stuff with swords and then at level
100 I suddenly said you know what I
think I want to be a caster now I want
to use spells just like that I’m now a
caster all of my stats have now changed
to be a caster it’s like going from 40
strength to 40 intelligence and dark
souls that fast that’s how quickly it
happened doesn’t matter that I leveled
up as a fighter all of my stats change
when I select a different blood code so
using this as our base of understanding
we are going to make a strength build so
looking at Atlas I can see Atlas has s
scaling and strength and it gets s

scaling and vitality I can hit this
button to look at the hint
I can see that you know my strength is
going to help physical attack an HP my
bit is going to help HP and physical
damage reduction so that sounds nice
so you even got a thing right here that
explains stats scaling but it’s kind of
obscure but anyway so yeah I’m gonna go
for a strength though that sounds nice
lots of Hell thoughts damage now the

first thing we’re gonna do is pick our
weapon now looking at our weapons Roccat
the great swords I can see that I get
pretty good damage on this 18:23 this
great sword I can see that I don’t meet
the requirements for that’s what that
cross means is because I don’t have any
decks this has a B index and looking
over here I can see I only have d+ and
dexterity so I can’t use that great
sword this one I could this is a Andy I
get a little bit more damage out of that
so I could put that on this one is bddd

I can see I lose some damage but it has
blood damage on it and I gain higher
defenses this is my usual go-to I can
see with this one nice hefty defenses on
it nice physical so let’s say well just
use that for now okay we’ll use that and
then for our secondary slot we’ll go
with the machete now moving on into our
blood bill we’re going to want a blood
bill that aligns with strength all right
the one I have right now isn’t a
terrible choice I can see I have a slow
mobility with my first weapon normal
with my second my drain attacks

respectable my defense is respectable if
I go to the silver garb I can see I
gained a little bit more defense my
stats scaling is gonna be the same but
I’m going to lose weapon mobility if I
go over to this guy I can see I keep the
slow normal I lose a little bit of
defense but I’m gonna gain a little bit
of drain attack and the point I’m trying
to make here is that your armor your
blood blood bill is only going to
determine your armor stats and what I
mean by this is you know we’re using the
great sword right now it’s 1705 damage

right and that is with a c-plus strength
scaling blood now if I put on let’s find
some here we go this has e
he’s scaling 1705 same exact damage so
the basic gist here that I’m trying to
get across is when it comes to what it
says here for stat scaling on your
weapons you want to match that up to
your blood code but the stats on your
weapon and all the values you see on
your weapons are only going to impact
your weapon weapon and then the defense
you have while using that weapon whereas

your blood veil your blood bail is only
going to impact your defense and your
drain attack so when it comes to picking
a weapon and a blood bill that you want
to use the only thing that is going to
have any cohesion between them is going
to be defense which is impacted by both
of them and the mobility of your weapon
which is impacted by both of them but in
terms of your gift scaling and your

drained attack that’s purely determined
by your blood bail and then in terms of
status effects and your roll attack
damage as well as drain rating that’s
purely determined by your weapon now
moving on from there let’s talk about
the actual move sense now with weapons
you have your basic attack which is just
hitting is pretty straightforward you
can just rotate through it your regular
Y attack is gonna be your heavy and you
can also charge this to do more damage
in addition some weapons have a special
heavy attack

let’s see this thing here does a big old
energy release outside of that a is
related it’s draining and you have to
hold down a hay to drink raining is also
going to be dependent on your blood Vale
something like the claw ball is gonna
have a rush forward whereas
alternatively if I were to use a stinger
type 1c I’m launching it on how and
using your charge drain you’ll notice
that down in the bottom corner I see a
little plus 2 popping on up and that
means that my total Iker count has
increased by 2 from doing that attack I
only have 10 hiker right now but I can
go up to 18 and that will persist until
you go ahead and rest at a mystile now
moving on from there there are a couple
other attacks that aren’t explained all
that well we have rolling attacks which
are all pretty straightforward we have
dashing attacks which happen by a
holding the right bumper and attacking

if you’re stationary you hit right
bumper and like you’ll have an alternate
attack as you can see with this it’s
like a retreating slash with the machete
it’s a jumping slash switching up to a
different grade sword here using the so
I hander I can see I have a thrust
attack with it but so you have that

using your right bumper and X or light
attack using right bumper and heavy
attack will do a launch attack now the
thing with launch attacks is you can do
this move at any time but ideally you
only want to do this when you have focus
now focus is generated through combat
whether you’re dodging or taking damage
you’ll notice a little blue bar that
shows up and when that blue bar builds
up all the way in a procs focus is

active while focus is active you can go
into a launch attack and you will knock
the monster up and it automatically do a
follow up with your veil doing big
damage to the monster and draining it of
besides that you have backstab attacks
which are just you know walking behind
something and hitting X and then you
have parries which are performed by
hitting the left trigger and peering an

which point you get a follow-up aside
from that we also have drain attacks
which happened by attacking and then
hitting the right bumper and a now some
drain attacks are really nice like what
the claw here it’s nice and fast other
drain attacks not so much using
something like an IV type for example
you can see it’s a much longer animation
to get that on/off so in general if
you’re gonna be doing a lot of drain
attacks I like either the hounds I think
work very well you know hound type
I think the claw works very well but I
think spear and IV aren’t all that ideal
I mean you can do them at any time the
thing is there much longer animations
and another thing to note is that doing
a charge stream or doing a back step or
a parry or a launch will add two to your
Iker so you notice down I get plus two
or has regardless of what you’re doing
doing a drain attack will always only
add one to your Eiger and that’s because

that’s why ultimately I don’t recommend
using your drain attacks with the slower
blood bales because you know right here
I’m hitting faster than I was with my
great sword with IV that’s hitting
roughly slower than I am with my great
sword and that’s saying something now
moving on from there let’s talk a little
bit about gifts and how those work now
as you play the game each different code
has access to yes looking at fighter
here I can see a little twinkle on
everything and that means that I have
inherited that gift and I can now use
that gift on any other blood code that I
play as to inherit something you need to
keep playing with that class and using

that ability until it levels on up the
higher your overall level your actual
player level that you are the longer
it’s going to take to master those
skills however you can use awakened
items in addition to haze to just
purchase them outright so you can use
them for other classes and this is where
the real end game of code vein comes in
you have all these these different
classes and you can essentially pull
skills from various classes and make
and match to make a class that

ultimately really fits what you’re
trying to do looking through a couple
abilities I can see that some stuff says
tree light and that means that it’s
going to be impacted by that where it
says gifts light right there that’s
what’s going to impact my stuff that
says tree light anything that says dark
on the other hand taking a look at a

mage here you can see this is tree dark
that’s going to be impact by dark I can
also see the required stats I have for
that the hiker calls to cool down and
all that stuff but the basic gist is
that anything that is going to be
offensive damaging magic is usually

going to align itself with dark anything
that’s a status is usually going to
align itself with dark or as more
utility type magic or buff magic is

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Things I Wish I Knew Earlier In Code Vein (Tips & Tricks) Sun, 10 Jan 2021 02:45:53 +0000
code vein

so despite the mixed reviews I’ve been
absolutely loving code Vein for these
last few days and as you can probably
tell by the amount of uploads after
playing for countless hours it’s finally
time for things I wish I knew earlier in
code Vein so let’s jump straight into it
now the first thing well it may not be
the most important or game-changing it’s
one of the things that as soon as I
realized it it went on the list
immediately and it is the fact that you
can deactivate the cinematic effect on
the drain attacks I know I know they
look amazin and they are spectacular
first few times she do them but after
playing for quite a few hours it gets
tedious to a point where I wasn’t doing
trained attacks just because I didn’t
want to watch the animation again and
again very late at night but I finally
clicked and thought okay that’s gotta
mean option to deactivate this and turns
out there is if you go into the options
menu go into game settings you can
deactivate the cinematic effect on Jayne
attacks now that we’re on the topic of
drain attacks there’s actually a pretty
cool combat feature that doesn’t really
get mentioned I’m sure it’s in the
tutorials somewhere maybe at the start
of the game and I’m referring to the
fact that there’s another type of drain
attack that isn’t the backstab or parry
and we are talking about the r1x
drain attack and on xbox I assumed would
be our B and a and we can’t just do this
right off the bat though we have to do a
light attack and then follow it up with
the R 1 and X combo and this actually
also counts as a drain attack to recover
some Iker obviously we get less Iker
this way than we would with a backstab
or a parry because it requires less
position and skill to perform but it can
be executed very easily in combat and in
fact it’s actually a really useful thing
to use in combat as it can often knock
back enemies as well something else that
doesn’t really get explained in the game
that’s only going to really affect a
certain type of players as I’m sure many
of you such as myself like exploring
everything in these sort of games
absolutely love the exploration aspects
of souls likes in general or just RPGs
really of making sure I’m picking up
everything I don’t want to miss out on
anything and the problem with this is
that you usually become very powerful
very early game not necessarily because
of the items you’re picking up but more
to do with the fact that while you’re
exploring you’re gonna kill every enemy
in the game probably even multiple times
if you accidently die so you’re gonna
find yourself excessively overleveled
for early game and the problem with this
is that will end up in areas where we’re
killin enemies that are a lot lower
level than us and while killing enemies
a lot lower level than us it actually
excessively slows down the rate of which
we master the new gifts and by this I
mean maxing out of the gifts so that
we’re able to use that gift on other
blood codes apart from the one it Herot
from naturally
which usually if we’re just playing
through the game you’ll realize we learn
them excessively quickly because we’re
always kill enemies the same level or
high levels in us however if you ever
try and go back and kill enemies a lot
weaker than yourself they take a long
time to max out what’s really in
late-game isn’t gonna be so much of an
issue because you have so much materials
on Hayes that you can just afford to do
this artificially by paying instead of
naturally trying to unlock them so it’s
definitely something you should take
into account early game especially and
I’m sure very soon I’ll be getting a
video out of the best gifts you should
definitely unlock as some of them are
absolutely the game change in how that’s
a quick overview just make sure that
you’re repairing all of the vestiges you
pick up as soon as you possibly can I
know for now it can be a pain because
the loading screen to go back to the
home base is excessively longer and it
really makes you not ever want to go
back there but this is really worth it
specifically the mercury blood code has
so many good abilities to that’s
verification which counts is like a
homeward bone which allows you to go
back to the previous missile without
losing out on any of your haze which of
course there are items that do the same
but heaven this an ability form is
really really useful we have things to
prevent and to heal venom and slow that
there’s so many good abilities in this
but the ones I would definitely focus on
first are the passive sectors to get
more strength more dexterity mastery
with specific weapons whichever weapon
you’re using definitely learn and max
these ones out first as the passives are
good all across the board usually and
there’s truly so many really really good
gifts that I’m trying my hardest not to
make the entire video about this topic
so we’ll save that for another day and
let’s move on now this may not be very
useful to most people but if you’re so
spawn fan there’s one thing that you may
have been missing which are the gestures
where are the gestures because if we go
into the menu here we can select you
edit the gestures and select which
gestures we want to do with which voice
and which a note however as far as I can
remember the game never explained how to
actually perform these gestures and even
if you’re not playing multiplayer I just
love using gestures where’s to get
screenshots or just look at the nice
environments I’m one of those people and
the way to use these it’s really not
that intuitive not something you just
naturally do while playing the game what
we have to do is click l3 twice or on
Xbox I would assume just the left analog
stick click it down twice and this will
allow you to access the gestures menu
where we can select which one we want to
use and the way I figure this out is
something I don’t regularly do in most
games but on this one it’s actually
really useful as well and I’m referring
to checking out the hints menu
so if we gone to the menu here we can
check out some hints and well most of
them of course are gonna be things that
are really obvious like the house bar
the stamina bar gifts etc etc which you
probably naturally caught on to

there’s definitely some things in here
such as the gestures thing that I’ve
learnt a thing or two from especially
when it comes to the stats as stuff like
strength you’d assume it just increases
physical damage especially with heavy
weapons however the strengths that also
affects your health bar then we have
dexterity which because affects physical
attacks with more dexterity based
weapons but it also affects the drain
rating then we have mind which affects
stamina drain speed and light gifts we
have willpower that affects elemental
resistances and dark gifts them have
vitality which also affects health
points and physical damage reduction
then fortitude also again affects
stamina and elementary resistance so we
can see that different stats sometime
affect the same sort of category and
again if you just starting out you’re
probably not too fast in this as you
just level up everything at once and you
just kind of put any equipment on with
any weapon that you like when you get to
late-game and you’re trying to make
specific builds or maybe on your new
playthroughs and you really want to make
builds that have really personalized you
need to start taking into account what
each and every stat thus now before I
mention this next one I’ve seen the
reviews and I know everyone hates the
fact that people keep compared to Dark
Souls but at the end of the day gotta
look out for my fellow service pawn
players as well and that is that in the
service board game if for example you
infuse a weapon with lightning let’s say
that’s it that weapon is infused with
lightning and you’re gonna be doing
lightning damage and then if you decide
to infuse it with fire you’re gonna be
doing fire damage instead so it’s easy
to overlook the fact that in code Vein
we can infuse with multiple elements at
once we can use the gift to infuse the
weapon with fire and lightning at the
same time and well visually it may look
like one overrides the other we can
easily confirm it by the amount of
damage we do that it actually has both
elements on at the same time and for
damage output if you’re trying to do
some insane builds this can be really
really useful against certain enemies
and in case you wonder and this also
works on weapons that you’ve transformed
back at the base into for example
lightning weapons through upgrades you
can also then afterwards infuse them
with fire and I’ve been using lightning
fire but obviously this counts for stuff
like venom as well another question many
people have which I’m sure is already
answered all over the Internet and most
likely in the game as well is the fact
that when you play multiplayer co-op
with someone if you are the guest you
automatically get
down to the same level as the host of
the game as well as obviously your
healing items get decreased as well like
I mentioned before now because I
explored throughout the every area in
depth I never really had any reason to
come back to areas later on after to
refinish them but in code vein you
definitely want to return every now and
then to the previous areas as often new
NPC characters will show up in these
completed areas most of them offering
you side quests and while we’re not
going to go into which side quests give
you which rewards right now there’s one
a specific one I would definitely like
to point out which is the one that
appears back at the first boss arena
where we fought all over Collins just
after the tutorial that’s because this
NPC actually sells as valuable items
which we can use to gain exchange and
trade points with our companions back at
the base if we want any of their weapons
or items but the problem is at the start
his selection of items aren’t really too
spectacular most of them are pretty
trashy and don’t give us many trade
points with any of the companions but
something I realized thanks to one of
the comments on our on Ebates video is
that somebody mentioned that when you
finish his side quest which literally
takes you less than a minute he gives
you a map you have to go down into one
of the depth and get the certain item
come back after completing that side
quest to actually sell some more and
pretty useful valuable items such as the
sake which you can give to yakumo for
five trade points each which really
speed things up if you’re trying to get
the on ebay no now this next thing I
already mentioned on a whole separate
video and I’m sure most of you know this
but remember you can play the game solo
without any NPC companion if you wish to
by simply going back in the home base
talking to whichever companion you have
at that kind of time and just ask him to
start following you and that way you can
play the game completely solo with no
companion no co-op help and to be honest
it really makes the game a lot more
very soon and we’ll see you next time

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Top 5 Tips Every Player NEEDS to Know – Cyberpunk 2077 Sat, 09 Jan 2021 22:59:42 +0000

top five tips that every player needs to
know that i wish i had known when
playing cyberpunk 2077.
first things first and this isn’t an
actual tip it’s just a jumping off point
per se
loot everything literally every single
thing you see that’s the rule you should
always do this it’s not new it’s not
unique to cyberpunk 2077 but
it’s core to the foundation of this game
once you realize how the ecosystem works
and you
always should be looting every single
thing that you see every single time
it also helps that the game has no thief
system like skyrim for example
you won’t get the cops called or get
attacked you can just walk into
someone’s home and steal everything they
own for your own benefit
with no consequences so again just as a
base foundation
loot every single thing you see all
right now with that established
tip number one is inventory management
the first thing to know is that all of
these tips and the gameplay systems
themselves tie directly back into one
another and synergize extremely well
once we’ve established that you are
looting everything
that’s the basic foundation we need to
properly manage your inventory space and
there are a number of different things
that can help you do that
first every single character will start
with three basic attribute points in all
categories right from level one
this is important because it guarantees
that you can purchase the pack mule
trait from the body attribute
no matter what everybody can that’s one
perk point for 60 extra carry capacity
and it’s a very good idea to get very
early on
second for tip number one still we’re
not on to tip number two yet but the
second part of tip number one in the
cyberware tab you’ll see a bunch of
different slots
one of which is skeleton the skeleton
slot allows you to use items that boost
your carry capacity
among other things by a percentage which
then amplifies the pack mule perk
and even with just a basic white or
green version which are very common and
you can buy them actually i think from
the ripper docks
you can get to much much higher numbers
than the basic amount which will be a
phenomenal quality of life
and utility improvement for your
playthrough to get this mod and install
it just visit ripperdocs around the city
which can be found at the location of
these icons
and buy one from them or you can find
one yourself if you’re killing enemies
and you can have them install it after
that as we said before
in the foundational part you want to be
picking up every single thing you find
and when your inventory is completely
full deconstruct
all the white and green weapons and
clothing that you aren’t wearing
keeping the blue and purple and
legendary items intact and when you are
completely full on blue and purple items
deconstruct some of those that you don’t
want as well this allows you to
accumulate crafting components have a
huge inventory
a lot of space and will become even more
useful later on tip number two
deconstruction and selling money in
cyberpunk 2077 will seem scarce if you
don’t really know how to get it
efficiently and i’ll do an entire video
on maximizing your farming to earn money
quickly later on but
in the same vein as inventory management
we need to talk about deconstruction
as you loot everything anything that you
see constantly you will get huge numbers
of consumable
food and drink items these items have no
weight so you can stack them infinitely
and just grab them all the time
they pile up extremely fast they’re
really common on shelves and on bars and
tables whatever and also for some reason
you can deconstruct them
like a coffee or a soda and get three
upgrade components for gear this is
important because most of the food items
that you get with a few exceptions but
for the most part are worth 10 credits
when sold however when
deconstructed they give three green
components which are sellable
worth eight credits each that’s an
increase of 140 percent
you not only increase the amount of
money you would get even if you just
sold two out of the three and not all
but the upgrade components are also
useful for a myriad of other things
later on
again these tips do kind of feed back
together in a sort of loop
the best part is that food and drink
items all have the same effects
alcohol is bad for you and it all has
identical debuffs water and soda is good
with all the same positive benefit
and the same with food and nourishment
effects as well however there are tons
of these items with just different names
all over the world so you can not only
double the money that you earn when
selling but also convert them into a
component that is
far more useful in mass quantities more
this is also true of most junk items
most of the junk that you get in the
game is worth three credits i believe
once in a while you’ll get something
that’s worth far more such as 750.
you can deconstruct the worthless ones
for an upgrade component one singular
instead of selling it directly and more
than double your money
there’s also a perk for this called
scrapper it’s up to you if you want to
allocate a point for this or or not but
the main thing is that food and drink
items as well as all
excess low level healing items and a
whole bunch more just
anything worth under eight or 24 if it
gives three components
or credits can be scrapped for upgrade
components that are worth much more
and more importantly they’re far more
useful tip number three is skill
functions and the skills in this game
can take a little bit of time to figure
out because it’s actually a
multi-layered system
there are attributes and then perks and
one is significantly more important than
the other
attributes which you choose at the
beginning of the game where you have
seven of them i believe to award
are far more important because they
dictate how much you can earn
and how many abilities you can buy in
their respective skill categories
example if i have level 16 cool which i
do i can access and purchase most of the
abilities in the subcategories for
stealth and cold-blooded but that’s not
these skills stealth and cold-blooded
also have their own independent
progression rewards way down at the
which will gain experience when you do
certain activities most are pretty
self-explanatory you level
assault the skill assault by using
assault weapons you level the skill
blades by using katanas or knives or
whatever else you level
stealth the skill by sneaking and
killing you get the point
these skill progression rewards give you
stat bonuses
as you level them up or sometimes most
importantly perk points with each level
these perk points get used to buy the
abilities in the tree and it’s a rather
interesting system where no matter what
play style you use you will be rewarded
for branching out no matter how much you
want to min max
because you’ll get even more stats and
perk points just from gaining a few
a couple of levels of hacking or
crafting or whatever else
so why does this matter well it matters
because if you have let’s say level
three intelligence you can only get
level three
in the breach or quick hacking trees as
you can see for me level three
intelligence leaves me capped out at
level three breach protocol
and i can’t keep going to unlock all the
extra higher level skill benefits
including perk points because it’s
capped out at three because my
is three basically to level up the
skills you need to first
level its attribute and that’s a big
deal because attributes

can never be reset at least if they can
i haven’t found out how in my non-stop
play time just yet since launch what you
can do is spend a hundred thousand
credits which is not a small thing not
by any stretch it takes a long time to
get that amount
and reset all of your perks at a ripper
dock but attributes are there for life
so you need to be very careful about
what you pick
and why when you make a new character
you get 7 points i believe
and everything is level 3 by default
then you can level up to level 50
max level and that gives you a total of
56 points to allocate
having carefully considered all the
different skill trees maybe i’ll do a
longer video on why and how later on
the best ways to build are either 20 20
1899 as in your favorite two attributes
intelligence and cool for example will
be 20 thereby granting access to all of
their rewards and their sub skills
your third favorite attribute will be 18
and your least favorite
two right like i don’t know your least
favorite two but the two that you don’t
intend to use as much
will be level nine this gives you an
excellent blend of stats and also
maximizes your access to as many perk
points as possible
you could also have 20 in three
categories if you wanted to if you were
trying to min max
but you would have to choose two other
skills that would remain significantly
essentially be sure of what you are
doing when allocating attribute points
because they are permanent and far less
common than perk points
sub skills can only level to the
equivalent level of their overarching
attribute and having a well-rounded
after maximizing one or two attributes
is very very rewarding
tip number four best weapons the game
breaks down weapons into like three
smart power and tech one of these is
better than the others in almost
every single situation and that is tech
basically smart weapons will have homing
bullets that seek out the target kind of
they don’t do like complete circles
around and they don’t like
fully seek out a target but they’ll bend
to reach them power weapons will send
your bullets
ricocheting off walls and tech weapons
can shoot directly through objects
even at absurd lengths like stupidly
absurd lengths as in
15 feet solid of concrete a tech weapon
shoots right through it all three of
these are just ways to get around cover
essentially or to improve your aim in
the case of smart weapons if you miss a
lot i guess it could be used for that
application as well
however two of them smart and power
require cybernetic mods in order to
actually function
that costs you money and money is not
exactly easy to get
and mostly what these guns are used for
is hitting enemies who are behind cover
or hitting enemies while you are behind
tech weapons should always be considered
more carefully
especially a precision or sniper rifle
because it is the charged shot that goes
objects and not just every single bullet
reason being though
you do not need to buy any cybernetic
enhancements from the ripper dock to use
thus freeing up some of your money and
you can just shoot through as much
cover as you want with a charged shot
both yours and the enemies
and generally speaking tech weapons are
just more efficient and more powerful
early on in a lot of different
it’s not universally true but if you’re
having a hard time for instance
grabbing a tech precision rifle will
help tremendously as you progress
through the game
tip number five iconic weapons and
upgrades remembering that we always loot
everything no matter what that we now
have an inventory large enough to
support that kind of play style and that
we also deconstruct whenever possible
for maximum credits and components
we now have to use those components for
the proper upgrades weapons in this game
can be upgraded
seemingly an infinite number of times
not only that but they have different
upgrade costs based on their rarity
this means that if you find a weapon
such as an iconic special weapon or even
a green one with a particular stat that
you really like
you can bring it up through the levels
with you utilizing the components that
you get from all the salvaging along the
never ever ever deconstruct iconic
weapons i wish i had known this when i
started because
i actually deconstructed quite a few and
you can always bring them up higher and
higher and higher basically ensuring
that if you are diligent enough about
your component farming
you can use these forever and never out
level them
this is true of any weapon you find and
is cheaper based on rarity
i have been using this widow maker for a
long time i think it started at like a
hundred damage maybe and i’ve been
upgrading over and over and over as i
progress until
now here it is still insanely powerful
still actually probably more powerful
than anything on level
still my go-to choice even 12 hours
later after leveling a bunch of
different times
never deconstruct ever iconic weapons
and don’t be afraid to just level up a
green that is
one good stat that you found that you
really like a few times while you look
for other options
basically you can bring weapons with you
forever which is why we do all the
deconstructing and the inventory
combined these are five things that i
really wish i knew before i went very
far into the game because had i known
all of it i might have actually made
very different decisions along the way
next time i’ll be tackling the best ways
to make money i believe stuff about
romances a dedicated video on that
side quests you name it a whole bunch of
stuff maybe even endings
because i really like the game and it’s
got incredible depth with a lot
a lot of content but that’s it for today
hope these helped

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Hades Guide Sat, 09 Jan 2021 18:52:25 +0000

Hades is a rogue-like dungeon crawler where you defy the god of death as you hack and slash your way out of the Underworld of Greek myth. It’s never the same experience twice: Each time you play, you’ll combine the divine might of various Olympian gods with your own, brave nefarious new challenges, and unravel more of the story featuring our award-winning art, audio, and narrative.

Hades is a living game in active development: Expect regular updates introducing new features, events, characters, weapons, powers, environments, and more. We think developing Hades in Early Access is key to making it the best game it can be, which is our goal.

Here are our 7 Hades top tips:

  1. Dash-strike is your bread and butter
  2. Flat damage is your friend
  3. Prioritise Daedalus Hammers
  4. Choose your Mirror Upgrades carefully
  5. Save your Coin until near the surface
  6. Don’t underestimate Armored enemies
  7. Level up your Keepsakes

Dash-strike is your bread and butter

Dash-strike is the single most powerful base move in Hades, and it’s something that benefits every single weapon – even ranged weapons. You can dash-strike simply by dashing once or twice, and immediately attacking. Depending on your weapon, the dash-strike might deal more damage than a regular attack or it might offer some other benefit (in the case of the bow, it shortens the wind-up time before your charge shot). Additionally, some Boons and upgrades specifically apply to dash-striking, which can quickly lead to this bread-and-butter skill skyrocketing in power.

Mastery of dash-strike also makes you extremely flexible and mobile, able to transition from dodging an enemy to skewering another in record time. Unless you’ve got good reason, you should treat dash-strike as your primary attack throughout every run.

Flat damage is your friend

As with most roguelites, you’ll get a great many opportunities in a single run of Hades to choose upgrades for Zagreus and his weapons. And as with most roguelites, flat damage is more or less the best thing to plump for in each case.

Hades is divided into five primary realms, starting with Tartarus, Asphodel, and Elysium. Each time you move to the next realm, enemies get significantly hardier, which means you really need to keep up with the curve by increasing your damage potential. Notice in my run footage above how I’ve opted for maximum damage at every opportunity with the Boons I choose.

Prioritise Daedalus Hammers

Daedalus Hammers are the single most powerful enhancements you’ll find in a Hades run. You’ll often find two in a run: one in Tartarus, and one in Elysium. These Hammers upgrade an aspect of your current weapon in a very major way which can shape the rest of your playthrough.

Daedalus Hammers should never be passed up for a different room reward. When you’ve got the choice, never opt for any kind of boon or resource. You need those Hammer upgrades if you want to stick to the flat damage rule I mentioned above.

Choose your Mirror Upgrades carefully

Progression in Hades isn’t limited to per-run upgrades. There is also a very deep metaprogression system in the form of the Mirror of Night in your room at home. As time goes on you’ll be able to unlock more Mirror upgrades with keys, and then level up those upgrades using the Darkness you accrue with each run. You’ll also find after your first few runs that each upgrade in the Mirror is actually a pair of upgrades that you can swap between before embarking on your next run.

The right Mirror upgrades can make you far more powerful even after just your first handful of runs. Prioritise the following upgrades at first:

  1. Greater Reflex (4th slot, 1st option)
  2. Death Defiance (3rd slot, 1st option)
  3. Chthonic Vitality (2nd slot, 1st option)
  4. Fiery Presence (1st slot, 2nd option)
  5. High Confidence (8th slot, 2nd option)
  6. Golden Touch (7th slot, 2nd option)
  7. Family Favourite (9th slot, 2nd option)

…And then start investing in the final three Mirror upgrades. Don’t bother with Cast, it’s near-useless with the damage output you’ll have with this build.

Don’t underestimate Armored enemies

Armored enemies are the true danger of the Underworld. If an enemy is not covered in this armor, you can stun-lock them by hitting them repeatedly with whatever weapon you’re carrying. This is an integral part of Hades’s combat system. But armored enemies cannot be interrupted until you break their armor.

Almost every enemy in every region of Hades has an armored equivalent, and they should definitely be prioritised in a fight. Not only are they more dangerous for being uninterruptible, they also have a greater health pool and upgraded attack types. In higher numbers, they can be absolutely devastating. So don’t underestimate them, not even when it looks like you’ve got a winning build going.

Save your Coin until near the surface

It’s very tempting to spend any Coin you gain as early as possible – especially when the game plants a shop in front of you before most major boss battles. But you should try to resist this urge, because you’ll need that Coin later on.

Once you get up to the Styx, the main room to which you’ll keep returning has a particularly large shop filled with some very powerful bonuses – strong Boons, double-strength Poms of Power, and so on. This is the time to spend all that Coin you’ve earnt, because those things don’t come cheap.

Obviously you should spend Coin in a life-or-death situation to heal yourself when you’re at death’s door, but otherwise try not to spend too much until you’re nearer the surface.

Level up your Keepsakes

Each neutral character in the Underworld and each Olympian you come into contact with has a Keepsake they can trade you in exchange for their first bottle of Nectar. These Keepsakes offer strong bonuses which persist throughout an entire run, and they can be upgraded the more you use them.

The two best Keepsakes to level up at first are:

  1. Old Spiked Collar (from Cerberus)
    • Adds +50 Health to your Life Total when fully upgraded
  2. Evergreen Acorn (from Eurydice)
    • In the final encounter in each Underworld region, take 0 damage the first 5 times foes hit you when fully upgraded.
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Genshin Impact guide Sat, 09 Jan 2021 18:47:53 +0000

Genshin Impact begins pretty gradually, so it’ll take a short time before you open certain highlights. Your greatest need is step up your Adventure Rank. The greater part of the things you do will contribute some insight toward it, so don’t worry a lot about how you’re step up.

Here’s a quick rundown of some major features and what AR you need to be to access them:

  1. Adventure Rank 8: Ley Line Blossoms (ie: world boss & special mobs).
  2. Adventure Rank 12: More Ley Line Blossoms and daily missions.
  3. Adventure Rank 14: Expeditions that let you send unused characters o.ut for resources.
  4. Adventure Rank 16: Multiplayer co-op.
  5. Adventure Rank 20: Spiral Abyss, a massive, multi-floor dungeon, and the battle pass for extra loot. Bring friends for this.
  6. Adventure Rank 22 and 27: Access to higher level Domains and dungeons.

Save Your Prismogems and Stardust For Wishes :

Since getting Fates focuses for Wishes is significant, you’ll have to summon as much free money and assets to exchange for this gacha-explicit cash. The two monetary standards that can get them are Prismogems, which you’ll gain for doing fundamentally anything like battling bosses or doing missions, and Stardust, which you win for opening Wishes.

An in-game shop will entice you to spend those monetary forms on an assortment of things, however don’t do that. Rather, spare your Prismogems and Stardust to purchase more wishes. Prismogems can be changed over to Wishes legitimately in the Wish menu.

Stardust must be changed over utilizing the shop menu, in the segment called Paimon’s Bargains. You can just purchase five of each kind of Wish a month utilizing Stardust, however.

Additionally, which sort of wishes would it be advisable for you to organize: Intertwined Fates or Acquaint Fates? Lean towards Intertwined Fates in light of the fact that the standard occasions utilizing this will have a higher pace of giving you better characters to shape a good gathering.

Use Your Gacha Wishes In Groups Of 10, Not Single Use

Genshin Impact utilizes a gacha framework for winning new characters and some amazing weapons, which basically implies you can purchase plunder boxes for a slight edge. You’ll likewise acquire a lot of plunder and the cash expected to purchase these plunder boxes only for playing, which implies you don’t really need to go through cash for the initial not many gacha moves you’ll be doing.

These plunder boxes are called Wishes. Some are seasonal through flag occasions, others are consistently the equivalent. Notwithstanding, you ought to consistently spare your Wishes and spend them in gatherings of 10. The explanation being is that when you open 10 immediately, you’re constantly ensured a 4-star weapon or character, which is the second most elevated level accessible.

Spend Your Resin All Of It

Beside the plunder boxes, Genshin Impact’s other large impact from allowed to-play versatile games is a framework that limits how regularly you can get prizes from specific exercises. It’s called Resin, and it’s utilized to open up wilted blossoms that show up subsequent to vanquishing a few supervisors or finishing the Ley Line difficulties you’ll discover recorded in your Adventurer Handbook.

It sounds restricting, however Resin energizes completely once every day and you get a considerable amount of it, as well. So don’t simply let it stay there, in light of the fact that once it tops out you’ll quit producing more.

At more elevated levels, explicit exercises utilize a lot of Resin on the double that you should put something aside for. Yet, beginning, it’s completely justified, despite all the trouble to consume every last bit of it as fast as could reasonably be expected. It’ll gradually revive throughout the following 24 hours at any rate

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Phasmophobia guide Sat, 09 Jan 2021 18:37:49 +0000

Phase 1: Locating the ghost

first off, the ghost resides in one specific room in the building. The goal of the first phase is to locate that room. since your sanity is high, you should:

  1. have each person grab an emf or a thermometer and one sound sensor each
  2. split up and each person walk to a separate end of the building, checking each room with emf / thermometer on the way
  3. somewhere along the way each person put down a sound sensor

if your group fans out and checks each room, you extend your search area greatly and you are more likely to find the target room quickly. Someone will probably find the ghost’s room eventually, but if this phase is drawing out for too long and y’all have put down all the sound sensors, someone can go back to the truck to see which sensor is picking up the most noise. Target your search in that area, or if none of the sensors are picking up anything, target your search in the excluded areas.

The sound sensor is really effective at narrowing down your search area, which saves time, but other tools like parabolic sound sensor or salt work too.

speed is key here, and you’re gonna want to find that room before your sanity drops too low and you have hunts to deal with.

But once you’ve found the room, you can put the emf inside it (to check for lvl 5) and begin phase 2.

Phase 2: Identifying the ghost

This is where the fun begins and you start experimenting on the ghost.

Now that you have your room, everyone should head back to the van to grab equipment to setup. It’s up to y’all want you want to use, but I recommend:

  • a book
  • spirit box
  • video camera
  • some uv light
  • a photo camera
  • and emf and thermometer, if you haven’t already

Go through your equipment and mark off evidence in your journal. It’s suggested that once the camera is set up, you should turn off all the lights in and near the room and everyone return to the van to check for spirit orbs. There’s currently an unconfirmed myth that only some of the people in the team can see them.

It is advised to be working in the light as much as possible, to keep your sanity up. Once it gets too low, the ghost will start hunting for you and force you to go into phase 3.

Phase 3: Pictures

There is no real line where phase 2 ends and phase 3 starts. If the ghost has initiated hunts, start phase 3 immediately.

At this point in the investigation, your sanity will likely have taken a hit and the ghost will begin getting more dangerous.
It is smart to stick together, and have one person hold a crucifix at all times and another person hold a smudge stick and lighter.
Do your best to finish up the investigation and get enough evidence to identify the ghost, but time is not on your side.

This phase is about getting as many good pictures as possible to maximize your profits, so bring a picture camera and take photos of:

  • Dirty water in sink (find a sink near ghost room and fill it first)
  • fingerprints or handprints (use uv light)
  • ghost writing
  • the bone
  • the ghost itself (if it isn’t currently hunting you!)
  • the emf reader going off (unconfirmed if this gets you money)

It is advised to have someone dedicated to taking pictures and to have someone dedicated to holding the crucifix.

Once you have enough pictures, you should leave before it gets too dangerous. If you don’t have enough evidence, guess.
If all the steps above have gone well, you can count this as a successful investigation!

Safety Precautions

This section of the guide is dedicated to teaching you how you can practice safety during your investigations.

It is important to note that your sanity is essentially your clock, so if you’re working in good lighting conditions, you can extend your time. You most likely won’t have to worry a much in phase 1, but you should begin thinking about safety in phase 2.

There are two main ways to help protect yourself.

  1. have someone always hold a crucifix

    Some people like tossing one inside the ghost room, but it is unconfirmed if that works. It is, however, very confirmed that always holding the crucifix prevents ghost hunts. It should be noted that the crucifix is the only way to prevent a ghost hunt once your sanity is low.

    The crucifix has a small radius, so the person holding it should stand in the middle of the room.
  2. In the event of a hunt, hide in an area where you can close a door behind you (any room or locker) and remain still and quiet.

oh, the smudge stick? They nerfed that. It no longer stops a hunt, it just delays the hunt for a few seconds to give you time to hide.
You’re gonna want those seconds, so bring a smudge stick and a lighter if you expect a hunt to occur.

Take note that hiding inside the ghost room will get you killed. Hide anywhere else. Except the hallway.
I will detail how hunts work in the next section.

The Hunt

The hunt is the most dangerous aspect of the investigation and the main way for the ghost to kill.

There are four identifying features of Hunts.

  1. Lights flickering constantly. This will be your flashlight and the room lights. If you see this flickering, a hunt has started and you must hide Immediately!
  2. jammed radio. If you hold down the radio button to speak to your teammates, you will only hear static. If they try to speak to you over the radio, you will only hear static. You can still talk locally, but anyone in the van won’t hear you.
  3. Heartbeat. This only applies if the lights are flickering and the radio is jammed. Usually, if you hear the heartbeat, the ghost is coming right at you, and you need to Immediately break line of sight to the ghost.
  4. The total activity graph in the van reaches 10. This doesn’t necessarily mean a hunt, but if you’re seeing this and you’re only getting static from the radio and all the lights in the house are flickering… Count yourself lucky you aren’t in there right now. Once the level reaches 0, you can contact your teammates through the radio to let them know the hunt is over.

When a hunt starts, the ghost will most often materialize in the hallways and then begin the chase. 8 seconds will pass between the start of the hunt and the chase, so you have a little bit of time to run into the nearest room and close the door behind you.

If the Ghost attempts to materialize near someone holding a crucifix, it will damage the crucifix. The crucifix will break after the second attempt, and you will notice that you are no longer holding it.

If you identify the hunts early, you can keep yourself safe by hiding quickly. Although, it is greatly recommended that you and your team consider leaving once hunts begin.

Good luck out there, Paranormal investigator!

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Guide And Tricks for Enemy Sat, 09 Jan 2021 18:28:45 +0000

A semi in-depth guide on how to properly combat the wide array of enemies in this game. This will have pictures / videos in the future for better examples.

Pistol Guy
Fairly straight forward, shoots once every(ish) second and a half, just make sure to close the gap and swing, but don’t run into his bullets.

Shield Generator
Okay, you want to get these things first, they make the enemies inside immune to your normal sword attack and can only be killed if you use an ability on them (not including overlord) Instead, just parkour to wherever it is and bonk it once, then play the level as normal.

Machine Gun Man
If you hear him shooting, don’t even engage, you will 100% die unless you use tempest or blink. Instead, run around until he stops shooting, then close the gap and kill. When he has buddies near him, he’ll yell to them that he’s reloading, so that helps a bit.

Sluggers (melee punch guys)
These guys have two main attacks, the jumping lunge attack, and if you’re too close, a lunging punch attack. When they jump, just dodge to the side or back and you should be okay. HOWEVER, they do the lunge attack when you’re wall running, so be careful of that. The lunging punch attack can probably be parried? I’m not sure, I just dodge out of the way.

Shield Gun Man
So these guys looked at Blackbeard from Rainbow Six Seige and said “I can do better”. They have a half circle covering the front half of their body, and while they can still shoot through it, you can’t swing through it. Use the bullet time you get from dashing in the air to orbit around them and get the kill. Also, when they shoot, they only shoot three bullets, then reload, but the reload is quick, so be on guard around them.

The walking laser line robots
Okay, when I first walked around the corner and saw this thing, it instantly killed me, but not to worry, it’s really not that complicated. Whenever it flashes, it takes your position and range into account, and tries to shoot a line of lasers at you, so either dodge under it, or dodge over it. If you don’t dodge, you’re probably dead. Oh right, if you’re far enough away, you can simply dash+slide to get a bunch of speed and then just bonk it. You can also use tempest and reflect all of the lasers back at it.

Wardens (katana guys)
These guys took one out of Kill Bill, they’re complete weebs. Just wait for the red flash and swing at them when the dash at you. They can miss though, so if you dodge, you have a 50/50% chance of being alive.

The Sniper
He only shows up in the city, don’t worry about doing this for too long. Just stay in cover, that’s all there is to it. And if you need to get to cover quickly, like before, just dash and slide for a bunch of speed.

These things are mainly used as platforming food, but they can be annoying to deal with. They shoot a projectile every(ish) three quarters of a second, so just reflect it back at them. If you can’t do that, just get equal with it in height and dash into it.

Hel / knockoff ghostrunner
Literally just parry all her attacks. You’ll know when to parry when her sword flashes yellow. Also don’t get hit by the surge attacks she throws out while you move from platform to platform.

These things can’t move, just stay out of their line of sight and you’ll be good. Also, if you cross their vision, you will die in about 0.6 seconds, no joke.

Crawling exploding things
For the record, I hate the noise these things make. But basically just don’t melee them, and if you can, use the shuriken power-up to deal with them. However, they’re not required to kill to exit an area, so basically, just ignore them and stay away.

Teleporting laser guys
These guys can be obnoxious, but fairly simple. Either use the jump power-up if its avaliable and focus them, or, just flank them. But be aware of the smaller surge projectiles they throw out, they’re fast.

The only ones with an actual section name, and they aren’t even that hard to kill. Just either line up one good surge, or overlord one of them and that’s two out of the picture, or, you killed the main one. Oh yeah, if you kill the main one, the rest will fizzle out and disappear.

New note: if you use the mid-air bullet time effect, all the fakes will be completely red, while the original will be normal
And that’s basically it, let me know if I missed anything and I’ll get on it. Also I’ll be adding videos to show how to deal with specific enemies, just give me time.

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Warms Rumble tips Sat, 09 Jan 2021 10:36:58 +0000

ithink are going to help a lot of you
out if you are playing this game
this game is available on steam on pc
and also ps4 and ps5
is actually on the ps plus for free this
when you are playing on playstation if
not it’s 11 pound for the standard
or 17 pound for the deluxe so jumping
straight into it as soon as you spawn
into a game of deathmatch
you will start with either a hand cannon
a shotgun
or an assault rifle and every single
time you die in the game
it will switch up your weapon so make
sure you pay attention to the bottom
right of the screen
just so that you don’t make the mistake
of spawning him with a hand cannon
and holding down your mouse button or
your trigger or whatever you shoot with
so you don’t hold that down thinking
you’ve got an assault rifle or the other
way around and you’re clicking
thinking you’ve got a hand cannon when
you actually have an assault rifle
so just keep your eye on the bottom
right every time you spawn in because it
will switch up your weapons
sometimes when you sworn into the game
you will be lucky enough to spawn right
next to a crate
open the crate is going to give you some
goodies you can get energy drinks you
can get med kits you can get different
ammo there’s a lot of helpful stuff in
those crates
you can also find them scattered around
the map as well the med kits that you
can find in crates
will replenish your health and the
energy drinks will give you armor
you’ll notice above your health there’s
a blank bar when you get an energy drink
it’s going to give you 50
armor and i believe you can use two so
you can have 100 armor on top of your
health as well
make sure when you are playing this game
if you’re on pc is shift
make sure you are rolling around this is
going to help you get out of sticky
it’s going to speed you up a little bit
so you can traverse the map a little bit
it makes your hit box so much smaller so
that you are much harder to hit
so make sure you are rolling it will be
your best friend and sometimes it can
save you
from pretty much inevitable death
because there are a lot of kills that go
on within these games
if you see vents or like tunnels or
toilets or anything like that
you can hide in a lot of them and you
can recover your health you can make a
strategic escape from someone chasing
people can only see into them when they
are entering that area so if there’s a
and you’re above it there could be
someone hiding in there you never ever
unless you go in there yourself and then
it will basically reveal that
on your screen so that you can see
everything inside that tunnel
cargo containers and stuff on a certain
map as well there are lots of areas that
you can
basically hide in your mini map on the
top left corner of your screen
will show you big red blips and that
will show you where the gun fights are
you’ll also if you’ve got your game
sound up you’ll hear the worms screaming
and shouting and stuff
but those blips are going to be handy
because you can either get away from the
if you’re just wanting to chill and do
your own thing or it’s going to pinpoint
where fights are happening so you can go
and get yourself involved
leveling up your weapons will unlock new
skins that’s all it’s going to do
but the higher you get that specific
weapon in terms of his level
the colder the skins are going to get
but that’s all it does leveling up a

will just unlock new skins you will also
if you look on the main menu screen
you will have daily challenges not
entirely sure what time they switch
around and stuff or reset
but they will give you random skins
different customization for your worms
and everything like that
and it’s how i was i was lucky to do
this but it was how i got my animated
legendary psychedelic shotgun skin and
just the fact that it’s animated i
absolutely love it
but remember left hand side of your main
menu screen you will have some
challenges there that you can do
in game depth match is the only game
in the game until you were level 5 once
you were level 5 you would unlock the
squad battle royale
and then at level 10 you would unlock
the solo battle royale but other than
the two brs
deathmatch is your only game mode so
it’s a very very small game
you can use elevators there are
elevators scattered around the maps you
can use those to either go up or down
get away from fights and try and find a
different area where there are fights
going on
whatever you want to use them for you
can use the elevators and if you see
shiny objects they’ll have this like
glow that goes over them
there’ll be like grates on the floor
there’ll be vehicles in the garages and
stuff or the car parks or whatever
there will be vehicles you can shoot
them you will destroy them
it can open up different paths you can
get a quick like tactical route change
if you want to or you can get the drop
on another player
just make sure that you’re keeping your
eyes open looking for those shiny
because you can destroy them and then
the very final thing
just quickly before we wrap this video
up the only thing you need to do
on this game to improve in terms of
getting more kills and dealing more
damage per match
is to just simply get used to the
weapons and get used to your aiming
i play on pc default settings haven’t
changed anything
not even sure if you can change stuff
but the best weapon to use in my opinion
is the shotgun at close range like point
blank you can get like 70 damage
per shot it’s very very strong it’s got
a nice spread as well if you’re shooting
from far away
so just make sure that when you are
playing you’re practicing you’re playing
quite a lot just so you get used to the
mechanics of the game
and exactly how it works but on that
note that’s going to do it for the video
let me know your thoughts and stuff in
the comments i hope you guys enjoyed it
i will see you in the next one
i hope it helped you out thank you for

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