Teardown Tips and Tricks

To begin with, the Boards are OP.

Yep… they are.

Don’t believe me? See below.

1) Flight, Extreme speed

You can build a homemade hoverboard from the boards (At least in this game…).

How it works:
You do not have a collision with the object in your hands, but it easy to bypass.
Connect the object on which you are standing with another, and by dragging the second object you give acceleration to the first one without canceling a collision with it.
The speed/acceleration is influenced by the masses of both objects:
You will have difficulty if the item you are pulling is much more massive than the one you are pulling.
Conversely, the more massive object imparts more acceleration to the lighter one.

There is a large field for experiments here, but for the entire time of the game, I most liked several options:

1) Take one plank, connect its ends with the second and that’s it.

2) Another option, and here you can see where you are flying.

3) Best handling of all variants.

The controls of these aggregates is worth learning from your own experience.
The only thing that I want to say is, do not forget to use the mouse wheel
(It moves away or brings closer the object in your hands).

Worth mentioning:
At very high speeds, the player pushes through the surface (Destructible or non-destructible).

2) Out of Bounds.

1) This method works only for surface above the player

Set the board at an acute angle to the ceiling, crouch and squeeze between them as far as possible, than stand up.

2) To pass through a vertical wall or floor, you will need:

The skeleton of the car.


Slightly “modified” boat.

To clip through the surface, just enter and exit the vehicle.

There are few places where you can use it but still worth mentioning.

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